Yasir O. Atabani, Cozeit, Inc.


My name is Yasir Osama Atabani, I’m a web scientist, programmer, and a geek.

I have done many work in the past, some people know me from menwar.com back in 2001.

For those that just landed here, I’m a software developer who started when he was 13 years old, I actually sold my first piece of software at that age, it wasn’t really big but It was enough that I made my decision to take this career for the rest of my life. The idea that you can see the results of your work over night was so fascinating for me.

On the web

I recall my first home page was at atabani.homepage.com, then geocities, and many others. later with the help of the online programming community I was able to develop my first dynamic website using ASP 3.0 “Classic ASP”, and I was elected a member of the ASPAlliance Consortium in 2001, I used menwar.com to give back to the community by summarizing my findings and the things that took the most time for me.

Today I have 14 years of heavy duty programming experience, and trying to deliver solutions that will make our life’s easier.

Where to?

I’m no where close to where I want to be, but I keep working and have big hopes, I have done some cool things in the past, some have got me famous and some have just been a pain to let go.

Most of my speciality work was with Microsoft Techs, but I keep my hand dirty with every little language out there, I like to get up rusty code and fix it up, some of the most technological advancement that we like to believe we have achieved have raised up a very small bar in a common, and maybe even forgotten technologies, I like to believe that it always takes more than one round to get it up there to the public, but the sharp shooters are very on the go for new hunts.

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This is my blog, and I will keep you updated.

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