Yasir O. Atabani, Cozeit, Inc.

7 January 2018

Cozeit, Inc. where to

by Yasir O. Atabani

First let’s evaluate the reasons behind Cozeit in the first place.


Cozeit stands for cozy technologies that is delivered in timely manner.

Cozy Tech an idea that started early 2010, because a given system does need to speak it’s users

Because the user is the key success factor for any given system, be it if you have developed the most technologically advanced system or straight up rocket engine, if the user cannot reasonably use the system with ease then by all means it is a failure.

Because it doesn’t matter how well you built the underlying architecture of a system, if a user is struggling to achieve results, and you been able to deliver this system to him/her in a timely manner, then there is something very wrong about what you are doing.

Because if your goal is to help speedup somebodies business process, then your bet is to really have an easy to use system that is efficient in executing those sequential commands, that we call programs and be effective to the business / user that is using it.

Hence the triple E methodology (Easy, Efficient, Effective), which I believe is a key factor to any system success

Getting things done

Delivering a software is not only about delivering the code, or a working application, it’s always as important if not more to deliver in timely manner, the balance between delivering a software application that has “complete” feature set vs delivering timely is a fine one.

Management of release cycle, and evolving user’s experience is at the core of our belief, it’s sometimes there are gray areas, but overall it’s better to deliver something easy to understand and evolve as your users get more experience with your application, just in time when they start to get board or think they have seen enough, release the next version.

Keep your user base excited and tuned, and learn from your users.

We think we can

Yes we think we can deliver something unique and can provide added value. We think we can improve your product, and introduce new ideas.

This post started as just a thought for me to keep track of what I think of Cozeit, but turned into “marketing” material maybe I can use some of it in the future.