Yasir O. Atabani, Cozeit, Inc.

15 September 2015

Hello again

by Yasir O. Atabani

Hello from my want to be last, or long lasting blog. For years I wanted to keep a blog up and running for a long time, I think since 2004, I had no actual presence on the net, and that was not intended.

I had several websites in the past, my first online presence was back in 1998 (or maybe even 1997), and I had several websitse ever since, but the personal website has always been a test project where I test new technologies, frameworks, languages, etc…

Keep it within scope this blog I hope to be long lasting one. I intend to write about my new company Cozeit, Inc., share open-source tools, and remind my self, and yours about the key principle of our profession that we somehow lose along the lines.

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