Yasir O. Atabani, Cozeit, Inc.

15 September 2015

czMore Open-Source jQuery Plugin

by Yasir O. Atabani

So here is the story beind jQuery czMore Plugin, this plugin came about enhacing the user interface and allowing users to make good use of the any given system.

Users usually need to be guided, and need and experience that is easy and effective, they often don’t need to be bothered with technical aspects of a system, they don’t need to know, and even don’t care about your database design.

If you designed a system that has a one-many relationship, you are most likey going to represent that with a master/detail relational interface, this is good design choice for many systems, but the user will likely been required to fill in a form and after that go about adding the details that are related to this form in a later step.

The problem

It is hard for a regular user to follow along, when the steps are not clear, sometimes going back and forth in itself makes it miserable for the user who has to remember and follow your proposed steps.

Most of the time a user doesn’t really has the knowledge or patients to put into this procedure, and if you choose to make everything in one clean form then you are heading the right way, just follow along.

czMore Master/Detail jQuery Plugin

Imagine you have the ability to just drop-in a plugin that will turn your form into a series of small forms that you can add and remove any time, czMore uses any html you give to it, and will add a plus sign to the right, and allow you to add this same html that will be hidden by default an infinate number of times.

It’s tested an proven to work, it has been used internally in Cozeit, Inc. for 4 years now, before I decided it’s mature enough to be released as an open-source tool, for everybody to use, enjoy and improve.

The source code is availble on GitHub

tags: czMore - Javascript - jQuery